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tgMember® Corporation

(Registered Trademark )

In the name of God

All of thing that i have,
Only is from due to the grace and kindness of the my Lord.


The tgMember® Co. (Registered Trademark) is sole agent and sales representative all of software sold by us, Published for the first time.


Terms and Privacy Policy

All robots and software available for telegraph marketing have been collected by us, and some of them have been developed by us.

Since that we are the first and the largest software and marketing company under the telegram platform,
We are the sole owner and seller of telegram products,
Therefore, all products and software are Exclusively sold.

Since the telegram has specific policies, All of new software that we develop or do selling,
After 6~12 months, either in the event of restriction or if the software is active, it will be cracked and added to the package.

All software is available from the first version to the latest version.

Currently, more than 50 robots and about 30 software are active and usable.

To ensure the correct operation of the software, please make sure that .NET and Java Run time are installed on your computer.


All Of People

able get and using software

The poor and wealthy should able to access the facilities

Anyone who is interested and does not have enough money to bought products and software,
You can use only one of the required software using the specific requirements.
To request and coordinate and notify you, please refer to the following address:



 Use and Publication

Terms and Privacy Policy

Important Points :

  • Buyers can use software to use their own personal channels and expand their groups and activities.
  • Also, buyers can use the softwares for to earn money through the sale of members, view, ads and etc.
  • Sell any of our software On social media, Site, or other way Is Prohibited.
  • Everybody available free access or Publishing those in the any where, is Prohibited.
Please refrain from publishing software to any where.


If we observe, view, …
We received notice,
For the publication or sale of any of software, (person or site) :
1. It will be followed up by the judiciary and the police.

2. All customers will lose their access and will be deprived of the new updates and software included in this package.

All individuals will be summoned to respond and will be sued the offender.

Never give them away to other people.

Remember that you have registered your IP address and email.



Terms and Conditions

General Provisions


  • All purchases are required at the time of purchasing software all of their information (name. Surname. National code. Phone…) correctly, otherwise all responsibilities and consequences are realized themselves.
  • All clients have approved and accepted all of these rules with their purchase.
  • All persons are required to receive a follow-up payment code and enter the program to receive the desired application.
  • People are required to keep track of their payment code for subsequent follow-ups and support.
  • In case of purchase or deposit in a wrong manner, or if a refund is requested before 24 hours and a set agreement, five percent of the deposit fee is deducted and the rest will be returned to the customer’s account, so be sure to pay enough attention before purchasing and all Ask your questions via ticket or call.
  • The collection does not have any responsibility for the benefit and the use of any third party or any other kind of programs and fraud.
  • No services and support are provided in the virtual spaces of telegram, etc. and the only way to support official and sales via the website.
  • The sale of products outside the website is not approved by the collection, and no support or service will be accrued.
  • All after-sales service and support is provided for up to 1 month after the purchase of each application to the customer and then the collection assumes no responsibility for the response and delivery of after-sales services!
  • Possibility of delayed delivery of the program and the lines for 1 to 24 hours. In terms of force majeure, the maximum delivery time of the lines is changed to 72 to 168 hours, the customer can officially declare its cancellation and return only and only if the user is notified and before the delivery is possible!
  • In case of discretion, the collection can change these rules whenever they want and then declare it on the website and all the individuals are required to accept it. In case of non-knowledge of the person means that he/she has accepted all the new laws and any liability or problem in case of neglect. It is upon the person’s own responsibility.
  • All the actual and virtual lines and programs are checked and tested before delivery to the buyer and are then delivered and no warranty after delivery, there is also no excuse to be accepted.
  • Advertising programs If a user is incompatible with the laws of the Islamic Republic of these programs, in case of declaring the competent authorities and the law of all the individual licenses disabled, and his profile and personal information will be provided to these references so that all rules of sending messages are Please also follow an SMS in the delivery of advertising messages in the cyberspace!
  • The use of all programs and lines is fully responsible for the customer, and the design and programming team will not assume any responsibility, so the customer has to buy and use them with the responsibility of the program.
  • In case of defects in the program or actual and virtual lines of the buyer, it is required 1 to 6 hours after receiving the desired defect in official (website) to inform the collection otherwise and over 6 hours of delivery of the program or services or products set any The responsibility does not accept and will not be refunded.
  • After the purchase, if you have passed a 24 hours of the program, no amount will be returned to the customer’s account, so make sure that you want to ensure that the amount and the relevant rules and the program you are looking for.
  • When Telegram’s Telegram app is active and the policies have not changed, all licenses will always be enabled. However, it is not responsible for the changes in the policies of this software and other social media software, but the technical and expert team will try to improve and update the program but they are not obliged to.
  • If a question or problem has been made in the activities of the purchaser, the buyer is obliged to notify the issue in the email, and wait 1 to 48 hours for a review and response.
  • The use of names, images and logos, programs, and brands is completely illegal and prosecution is legal.
  • Due to the digital sales process of providing does not invoice, buyers can take a pre-invoice to print when purchasing.
  • The sold licenses are guaranteed, and in case of a problem, it has support for e-mail services.
  • If a failure occurs during the banking operation and the transaction is unsuccessful, if the buyer account is charged, this amount will be returned to the buyer’s account within 48 hours after the transaction, in this case, it is worth noting that the money is deducted from the buyer’s account but to the seller’s account. It is not a deposit, the seller is not a commitment to the buyer for the delivery of the product or return, in this case the buyer must wait for the amendment of the banking operation and if the buyer has to receive the rush product, it must register a new purchase operation and then wait for the return of money from the bank.
  • The price, which is intended for a customer order, is valid and not taxable.
  • All purchase operations on this site are subject to the rules of e-commerce.
  • Upper case may change the buyer must always be informed by visiting this page of the terms!
  • The purchase order means that the buyer has studied the above conditions and has accepted it and disclaims the right to protest.
  • All orders and support for Iran will be made with the time zone GMT +3:30
  • Answering hours other than Fridays will be done every day from 5 pm to 4 am.
  • In case of any order or support, please refer in the above hours and wait for answering and speaking.
  • Because of the high volume of messages and the lack of time for responsiveness and support,

If after 12 hours from transfer money and you did order, and you have not received your order yet, this mean is: We do not have access to the Internet or we are not aware of your order.

So, please contact us or send an SMS to :


to get your order.

tgMember as the first and the best trusted customer team that has been active in Telegram for more than three years and more than 7 years in a variety of virtual networks.

Team members are from programmers and network professionals, and each part of the activities is specialized by a person.

The name and company tgMember was officially registered in 2015

We are still proud that the first and only service company, advertising Registered and officially licensed activity, Registration in the mining and trade organization Identity of organizing, Symbol of trust of two stars And we have the trust of customers all over the world

Support, consultation and communication with customers is done only by the owner and the manager and all transfers will be made only with the direct payment companies of the company or in the name of Sajjad Taheri

Otherwise, we will not be in any way responsible for and support of the order.


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