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Telegram Grand

Telegram Grand

Telegram Grand

Telegram Fake Member Software


  • Seen and Join on any channel without any problems (even Gifs or Stickers)
  • Upload high number accounts
  • Added ability to interrupt each Join in each engine and customizable by the user (Speed ​​setting)
  • Added Seen without Join (Visited Alone)
  • Join without Seen (login alone)
  • Ability to Join and Seen Simultaneous (Login and Visit)
  • Ability to Leave from Channel (Exit Channel)
  • Possibility to visit content without entering the channel or visiting by logging into the channel
  • Ability to change the name and profile of profiles while running the program without wasting time
  • Support for the secure and professional TGS format to ensure exchanges, support for packages and hundreds of other possibilities.

It’s available now …

With TGPhantom TGA Only Professional Professional, the free version comes with this app

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  1. VessoF

    как скачать то?

    1. James Baudouy

      Это программное обеспечение не работает.
      для фальшивых участников и фальшивого просмотра вы можете использовать программное обеспечение Telegram Soren.

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