Telegram Marshal
Telegram Marshal

Telegram Marshal

Telegram Marshal

  •  Improve the program mechanism (speed up, performance and program automation)
  •  No need to adjust the coordinates of the mouse and keyboard and with full compatibility with all types of systems and monitors!
  • Ability to determine the number of processed accounts (to add to the channel or group)
  • It is possible to protect two stages of your accounts with Hint and Email setup or without it!
  • Ability to terminate sessions Terminate Sessions of your Telegram accounts during or after other operations.
  • Lock Lock or Unlock The ability to open your speed dial accounts
  • It is possible to continue the operation from the stopped point in a smart way and asking the user to continue or from the beginning
  • No need to download, install, or configure a desktop telegram (the program automatically does it)
  • Advanced analysis of accounts and accurate and accurate separation of defective and inappropriate accounts (without engaging the mouse and keyboard on the back of the field) !!!
  • Ability to set the time interval between various operations and customizable for professional users!
  • Ability to set the name and profile of profiles for accounts automatically (give list names and folders of images to the program and set it to accounts automatically by the program)
  • Possibility to perform operations in multiple, simultaneous or separate ways to select a user!

And hundreds of other features

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